Drufony is made of four different projects developed during a few weekends and holidays in October and December 2013.

  • A fork of Drupal 7 with three branches that reflect the increasing divergence from the original Drupal 7 code base.
  • A Symfony bundle which integrates the Drupal fork into the Symfony framework.
  • A Symfony project template which provides a standard Symfony project filesystem structure and which requires the fork and the bundle.
  • A Drupal module which provides Drupal with access to some Symfony services as replacements for Drupal's original functionality.

The fork has three branches

As explained elsewhere, the Drupal fork is branched three times.

7.x-pimple replaces just the Drupal bootstrap with an extensible Pimple container. From my testing, it is a drop-in replacement for Drupal core with no side effects.

7.x-autoload replaces the Drupal 7 class registry with Composer autoloading. This is not a drop-in replacement for Drupal core, but it demonstrates how you can subclass the Pimple container to alter Drupal's bootstrap routines.

7.x-symfony contains all of the changes required to make Drupal 7 function inside Symfony. The changes from core are minimal.

Overall, the differences between Drupal 7 and my Symfony fork are relatively small. As of 27 December 2013, there are 324 additions and 99 deletions in 21 files.

About the developer

Benjamin Doherty (bangpound) is a freelance, open-source Drupal and Symfony developer.